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Are you looking to hire one or multiple Gourmet Food Trucks for your special event?

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We are a community of Colorado-based Gourmet Food Trucks, specializing in Feeding Massive Hungry Crowds!!!
We serve a hundred, to thousands of drooling mouths at many private or public affairs.
Food trucks are the perfect way to cater your next event—food trucks provide a hassle-free, gourmet experience unmatched by standard catering. With a gourmet food truck onsite, your guests can select from a set menu or order right from the truck.
We will provide the cuisine to make your event a success. For ultimate variety, we’ll bring out a fleet of food trucks to complement any event theme.

At this time, the FOOD TRUCK ROW is limited to the DENVER METRO and FRONT RANGE Area only.

Your request will be sent out to all the Food Trucks on the Food Truck Row, or to a specified truck.

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The following information provides general answers to some questions you may have about food trucks.

  • Number of attendees: The ideal ratio per truck is approximately 100 attendees for an event that runs from 1-3 hours (if everyone is expected to eat). With less than 100, it’s difficult for the trucks to make money. Over 200, the lines often get long and the customers are unhappy. If it’s not an “eating” event, that ideal ratio should double.
  • Fee Structure: Some trucks will require a booking fee to guarantee their availability for your special event. Please do not be surprised if our food truck affiliates refuse to pay an up-front fee as many festivals have promised the world and delivered less than ¼ of the projected attendance. Ideally, if an event organizer is promoting the event, food trucks may pay the organizer 1-10% of their total sales at the end of the event. If this is a charitable event, trucks may donate 10% of net sales (as much as 50% may be donated in special circumstance). If the fee is over 10% of sales, then we need an exceptional sales day to make up for it. Often a flat fee is easier for the organizer. If that fee structure is chosen, please keep in mind the trucks would ideally need 10x that fee in sales to adequately cover the sales tax, food costs, employee wages, fuel and propane charges, disposables, and other costs of operation in order to profit. If you choose a flat fee structure, we have recommended that our members ask for a guarantee of attendance.
  • Attendance estimates: Often, food trucks have to prepare food days in advance. If attendance is higher than anticipated, vendors run the risk of selling out well before the end of the event. Customers will go home angry and trucks have not capitalized on all possible sales. Conversely, if orders are lower than anticipated, the trucks are likely to throw away food product. If you can provide estimates of attendance the Monday before, and then 24-48 hours before the event, it will help the trucks prepare appropriately.
  • Logistics of the event:
    Load in times: Please keep in mind how load-in times impact our business. We pay our employees from the time of load in. Ideally, all trucks will be in position 1 hour prior to the start of the event. If special temporary food facility permits are required, trucks should be in place and ready for health department inspection 2 hours prior to the event. Please communicate load in times 2 weeks in advance. Trucks need to schedule employees’ hours 1-2 weeks in advance. Without knowing the load-in times, it makes scheduling very difficult
  • VIP Times: We understand that VIP tickets are important to some customers and profitable for the venue. VIP times are not profitable for the trucks because we are feeding only a handful of people. Please limit VIP times to half an hour. The customers will get to eat their pick of 2-3 trucks without lines, the organizers make money, and the trucks break even.
  • Organization: The most successful festivals we have seen have impeccable organization. The day is scheduled to the minute, trucks locations are clearly marked, everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing at all times of the day. Specific items to be wary of are:
  • Layout of trucks: If this is not an exclusive eating event, it is best to have all food trucks be parked together in a high-visibility and high-traffic area. Plan for the most popular gourmet food trucks to have longer lines than others.
  • Waste facilities: Pay attention to the quantity and location of trash cans and restrooms to keep the area clean and in compliance with all codes and regulations.        googlef1cfed7ea5d64a60.html